Indigo+Lavender curates and designs home and lifestyle accessories made in the Mediterranean regions of Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and the South of France (Provence).

No region in the world offers the wealth of art, culture, history, food and landscape found in the Mediterranean. Our mission is to share with you the Mediterranean way of life through the craftsmanship, imagination and skills of its artisans and makers.

Each and every Indigo+Lavender product is carefully selected and designed in every little detail: the color palette, the dye that is used, the construction of the fabric, the tools that the artisans use. We also spend countless months finding the best artisan workshops in the region.  We have built strong professional and personal connections with the owners and makers. This emotional, human approach is the only way we wish to do business. Because of our personal values but also because we want to ensure the quality and integrity of the products that we are offering to our customers. Each individual we work with becomes part of the Indigo+Lavender ecosystem/family. 

We are focused on offering you products that are infused with the allure and warmth of the Mediterranean, but most of all, we hope that they will bring beauty and joy to you and to your home.